Summer Safety Tips

The National Safety Council (NSC) frequently lists Independence Day as the most dangerous holiday in the United States. Keep your 4th of July and summer home celebrations safe by following these tips:

Celebrate Responsibly:
• Leave the firework displays to the professionals! According to the National Fire Protection Association, two out of five of all reported fires occur on July 4.
• For outdoor events, make sure there aren’t any hazards in the yard.
• Place outdoor fire pits or chimineas in suitable locations away from obstacles such as buildings, trees or overhangs.
• Keep a fire extinguisher accessible to grills and fire pits.
• If guests imbibe, do not allow them to drive under the influence. Use designated drivers or offer a ride share or taxi service.

Grill Safely:
• Do not use a grill indoors or in any enclosed area.
• Place grills on stable ground and keep them at least 10-feet away from structures or deck railings.
• Never leave lit grills unattended.
• Make lit grills inaccessible to children and pets.
• Once a grill has been lit, do not add starter fluid to it.

Water Precautions:
• Secure home pools with appropriate barriers, ideally a fence or barrier that is at least 4-feet high and has a self-closing, self-latching gate.
• Maintain pool or hot tub water by ensuring it is clean and clear.
• Keep life rings, floats, reaching poles and other lifesaving equipment in an easy-to-access area.
• Have flotation devices, particularly life vests, available for guests who are not experienced swimmers.
• Slippery when wet! Do not run near a pool and be extra cautious when deck surfaces are wet.

Click here for our infographic on Summer Safety Tips.

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