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19 days – that’s how many days the average worker spends commuting in traffic each year. Here are some tips to cope with commuting stress:
 Try yoga or meditation in the morning before your commute.
 Download a podcast, audio book or playlist.
 Practice a new language.
 Avoid flipping radio stations or listening to news, which adds to stress.
 To avoid driving on autopilot, mix up your routine. Drive a different route, go through a different door or park in a different spot. Take note of new buildings, scenery, etc.
 Explore finding a carpooling buddy, so you can drive less.
 Spend time outside every day to reduce your overall stress.
 Avoid distracted driving, even in stopped traffic. No eating, drinking, phone use, adjusting hair and make up, etc.

Plan to disconnect and get away with friends! A good travelling adventure with the people you love most helps to build bonds and strengthen relationships. How about a #roadtrip? Ideas for destinations here:

Is saving money on your to-do list for 2020? Save smart when it comes to auto insurance:

If you’re a rider, stay safe on the road with these tips (wearing a helmet isn’t enough):
 Obey traffic laws. Stop at lights and stop signs.
 Use hand signals when turning.
 If you’re not used to riding, plan shorter trips to build your riding ability.
 Always ride as far right as safe, while remaining visible to drivers.
 Try to ride in a straight line.
 Avoid swerving.
 Watch for leaves, puddles, manhole covers and other hazards ahead.
 Make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you.
 Maintain your bike, making sure brakes work and tires are properly inflated.

Putting a boat in the water? About 5,000 recreational boating accidents occur each year with 3 main causes:
– Passenger falls overboard
– Boat capsizes
– A boat hits another object or boat

Prevent tragedy on the water with this boating safety checklist:

Auto thefts are on the rise again…See the top 5 states and top 5 vehicles targeted, and our prevention tips:

Night driving safety tips for the dark, longer nights!

More than 400,000 bicyclists are injured each year by motorists, with an average of 800 fatalities. It’s Bike to Work Week and a good time to remember to share the road with bicyclists of all ages:
 Keep in mind that bicycles are considered vehicles by law with the same rights as motor vehicles.
 Reduce your speed when approaching a bicyclist.
Don’t pass a bicyclist unless the lane is wide enough and you have a clear sight line.
Don’t honk at a rider, you could startle them.
 Keep an eye out for children; they tend to be unpredictable and don’t follow the rules of the road.

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Did you know that the majority of the time, car and truck drivers are at fault when motorcycle accidents happen? There are a number of reasons why, starting with the fact that motorcycles are easily hidden in your blind spot. Read up on how to avoid crashes with motorcycles >>10 important tips:

Today is Insurance Awareness Day, a great day to look at how much you could save by bundling your home (or renters) + auto insurance! Check out what MAPFRE Insurance can do for you. Get a quote today!

The temperature inside your car climbs 20 degrees in just 10 minutes, even with the window cracked. You may like to take Fido everywhere you go, but if he can’t go with you inside – leave him home, not in your car.

Children shouldn’t wear coats in their car seats because coats can create a gap in the safety straps that could endanger a child in a crash. Experts recommend that children wear nothing heavier than a sweatshirt in a car seat. The Today Show recently demonstrated the danger with a crash test dummy:

Late fall is peak season for the 1.9 million animal-vehicle collisions that occur annually. With the average damage totaling $3,305, these tips help you avoid collisions and offer insurance coverage basics:

Winter is officially here! Do you have an emergency kit in your vehicle just in case? Here’s what to stock:

Do you know someone who clears just a little spot on their windshield before taking off? It’s dangerous and illegal in many states. Please completely clear your windshield and don’t forget the roof! Video tips from the Massachusetts State Police:

With the first winter storm on the way, refresh your winter driving knowledge with these tips: