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We’re all looking forward to summer BBQ’s and celebrations! To enjoy a safe, fun season, follow these grilling, swimming and firework safety tips:

If you’re planning some home improvement projects, remember ladder safety. Ladder falls are the top cause of household injuries. Some safety tips from the National Safety Council:
Never carry tools in your hands while climbing a ladder. Use a tool belt.
Wear slip-resistant shoes
If you feel dizzy, drowsy or have been drinking, don’t climb a ladder.
Never use a ladder outdoors in wet or windy weather.
More tips:

Sometimes cleaning is hard to keep up with…find out 10 cleaning jobs you really shouldn’t put off:

Have a student going away to school soon? That’s expensive enough! Find out how to protect their belongings while they’re away (and how to save money doing it):

Create a home inventory and follow these tips to reduce your risk of home theft while you’re on vacation:

A home escape plan includes an outside meeting place in front of your home where everyone will meet upon exiting the home. Pick a stationary location in front of your home like a tree, mailbox or light post. For more tips on fire safety, visit #FirePreventionWeek

If there’s a fire, working smoke alarms should alert you in time to escape safely. Make sure you know how to use those few minutes wisely. Develop a home fire escape plan and practice it twice a year with all members of your household.

This week is national #FirePreventionWeek! Planning and practicing your escape in the event of a fire can make all the difference in getting you and your family out of your home safely. Use the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) grid to create a home escape plan.

Mark your calendars! #FirePreventionWeek is October 6-12. This year’s theme is “Not every hero wears a cape. Plan and practice your escape!” Stay tuned for tips throughout the week on how to prepare yourself and your family in the event of a fire.

More and more Americans are renting homes through home sharing apps, taking on gigs like ride sharing or food delivery and flying drones personally or professionally. Are you covered for risks?

It’s almost time to open up that pool for the summer! As much fun as they are, pools also increase your liability risk. Be sure to talk to your insurance agent about your pool and consider increasing your liability limits or adding an Umbrella policy to make sure you can enjoy your pool with peace of mind. Get more tips on pools and insurance here:

Knowing what to do in the event of a fire is particularly important for older adults. At age 65, older adults are twice as likely to be killed or injured by fires compared to the population at large. By age 75, that risk increases to three times, and to four times by age 85.

Are you and your loved ones prepared? Visit for tips and resources. #FirePreventionWeek 

Today is International Water Safety Day! This summer, remember these tips:
Secure pools with a 4-foot high fence or barrier with a self-latching gate.
Keep floats, reaching poles and other life-saving equipment in an easy-to-reach area.
Have flotation devices, such as life vests, available for guests who are not experienced swimmers.
Avoid alcohol while swimming and while supervising children in the water.
More tips from the CDC

This week is Healthy and Safe Swimming Week! Did you know that pool chemistry has a lot to do with helping your swimmers stay healthy? Showering for just one minute can rinse off most harmful bacteria that could make you sick from the water. Get more tips on how to stay healthy while swimming here:

Many of us will be cooking up a storm this week! Remember to keep a lid nearby to smother potential grease fires and check out these additional safety tips: 

Light your home up safely this holiday season: ✅Ask someone to hold the ladder for you when installing lights . ✅Make sure there is a bulb in each light socket and discard and replace damaged strands. ❌Don’t string more than 3 strands of lights together. More tips on our blog: