Covid-19 Videos – WOM Issue 1 2020



Fundación MAPFRE released the #FM_TogetherApart video to illustrate how its $38 million donation to combat COVID-19 would be deployed worldwide.

This video was shared across social media with the following message:
We are always with you, thinking of you and yours. And now more than ever. For this reason, from Fundación MAPFRE, we support research, buy medical supplies and collaborate on projects to help the most vulnerable. Together. #FM_TogetherApart

People are our energy, our strength. We support society by promoting research, by providing medical and protection equipment for healthcare professionals and defending those most vulnerable. In this fight, unity makes us stronger and helps us advance towards a single goal: overcoming the coronavirus. Together we are stronger. Together we can achieve it. #FM_TogetherApart

Click here to watch the #FM_TogetherApart video



MAPFRE Employees Response to the Fundación MAPFRE donation

We have received numerous messages of appreciation from employees, customers and partners for the $2.3 million donation made by Fundación MAPFRE to Massachusetts hospitals and the City of Boston.

Click here for a brief video sharing some of the comments.



PSA: Stay Home #StillBostonStrong

In New England, the third Monday in April is “Marathon Monday” – a celebration of tradition, spring and community. With the postponement of the 2020 Boston Marathon due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fundación MAPFRE partnered with the City of Boston to create the “Stay at Home” Public Service Announcement video.

Featuring Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, “Stay at Home” celebrated the iconic Boston Marathon, honored those who maintained social distancing and asked runners to stay off the marathon route on April 20. The #StillBostonStrong message was shared on social media and was positively received.