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I am Andrea Zemaitis, Co-Sponsor of the MAPFRE USA Strategic Initiative, “Customer Focus”

You may have seen my Co-Sponsor Scott Hammond’s video on Customer Loyalty (include link somewhere) where he speaks about customer loyalty.  If not, check out last week’s edition of Weekly Connections.

Our team has been working on several programs designed to enhance customer (both direct customer and agents) loyalty, retention and growth.   Efforts are underway to not only meet the customers’ expectations but to exceed them[AH1] . 

For example, customer journey maps have been developed to understand and solve key pain points for customers and identify design opportunities to improve[AH2]  and redesign the customer’s experience. 

Giving the customer options to communicate with MAPFRE in methods that meet their needs best[AH3] .   (phone call, text, email, automated notifications, etc)

Another effort we are working on is the development[AH4]  of an Enterprise Customer Database to better understand and access customer information.

AGENT EFFORTS – JAVIER – ANDREA should decide what to include

It’s important to know our customers and to focus on offering the best customer service possible.  As you know, this week we are celebrating National Customer Service Week.  I encourage you to visit BreakAway and recognize as many colleagues as possible for Customer Focus.

Tomorrow, remember to add your ideas to improve our customer focus, whether this focus in on external or internal customer.  There will be a special event (including snacksJ) tomorrow for our Webster and Gilbert colleagues to gather around an Idea Board for this purpose.  For everyone else, please add your ideas to your own board or someone else’s. 

 [AH1]Would exceed them be better?

 [AH2]Improve and rededign

 [AH3]Communicate in methods that meet their needs best

 [AH4]Database or CRM?