Hello everyone. 

My name is Julian Diaz and I would like to take a few minutes and talk about Digital Transformation.  Within the last year, MAPFRE has defined Digital Transformation as our best approach for excellence in the current insurance market.

We are living in an ever-changing world, where our customers require us to be digital and at their reach at all times.  In order to be part of this change, we must transform the way we inform, consume and interact with everything around us. 

We need to change, adapt and see that there are new ways of doing business and servicing our customers.  The customers themselves will show us what tools are best for them.  Connecting technology to the customer experience will assist us in improving service and providing customer needs.

With the aim of working towards adapting to the digital world, globally over 200 projects influence the organization to assist in making our company more agile.  Of those 200 projects, MAPFRE USA is currently working on 12 under the Digital Transformation initiative.

The goal of the initiative is to transform ourselves through these projects in an agile manner.  Agility throughout the life of the project will assist teams in detecting problems and risks early on and have a good vision of the progress.  Therefore, providing a fast reaction to product changes for the benefit of the customer.

Digital transformation is a foundational change with two major functions to focus on. 

The first task, is delivering value to our customers using different channels without variation. 

We have four categories of customers, to which the 2018 projects under Digital Transformation will cater.  These are the:

  1. 1. Consumer Client – our policyholders
  2. 2. Distributor – our agents
  3. 3. Provider – vendors who service our policyholders
  4. 4. Internal Client – our employees

The second task is promoting our customers the use of self-service, self-management and automation.  In turn, revamping the organization with a customer-focus goal in mind, while achieving:

  • Quick Time to Market with advanced User Experience
  • Mixture of technologies that allow a merging of web and mobile
  • Common Framework
  • Reusability of resources

I would like to provide you with a brief summary of two (2) of the 12 projects under Digital Transformation here at MAPFRE USA.  The first project, Digital Expansion of B2C Functionality, is consumer client focused.

This project will have the ability to provide a bind-able quote for customers, as well as providing account management capabilities in self-service mode.  We are well underway to implementing this program in RI, CT, ME, VT and NH for self-service capabilities for our customers as well as improvements to the user experience.

The second project, Agency Port – New Hampshire, is distributor focused.

This project will provide agents with a central location for business and real-time processing capabilities, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.  We are currently in the testing stages and once completed, will provide improved functionality and overall user experience.

The Digital Transformation Initiative encompasses more than a single department or a single project.  We are undergoing a radical change and it needs everyone’s commitment, loyalty and dedication.  Embracing Digital Transformation is a journey, and I encourage you to take part, by asking questions and embracing technology….come join us on this exciting initiative.